Basic Computer Course

The Department of Employment & Training (DET), Government of Tamil Nadu and DGET, Government of India has approved ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu(ICTACT) as an assessing and certifying body for Basic Computer Course (BCC) in the state of Tamil Nadu. Based on the approval, ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu has been conducting computer based online assessments on BCC Course for the students in the Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The BCC examination will be a computer based online assessment are being conducted in the ITI(s) wherever there is necessary computer labs and internet connectivity. The approval of respective ITI(s) to conduct assessment in their own institution will be done with prior checking & verification of the computer labs in the respective ITI by ICTACT.

District wise Common examination centre(s) (ICTACT Assessment Centre) have been identified and the ITI(s) those who do not have necessary computer labs & internet connectivity shall send their students to such identified examination centre on specified dates.